Signs of Hope and Then Some

by The Bloodreds

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The name The Bloodreds might ring a bell to Devildance Fans. That's because we were slated to release a split 7" with them and NJ punk band The Sirs. The record ended up falling through, the band went on hiatus, and the songs were temporarily sent to obscurity. We are really proud to have the freshly dusted off masters... this stuff was too good to slip away. Perhaps a little attention will be enough to coax the Bloodreds back out of purgatory and into the spotlight. These guys are too fresh sounding of a band to disappear without causing just a little more ruckus. This is most of their material (minus a few bits and pieces) and it shines.

Here is their self proclaimed biography...

It was 2004 and few characters were drinking on the stoop of 97 Commercial Ave. We were young, unemployed, and tired of the scene around us becoming full of stupid cliches, which in New Brunswick tends to happen ALOT! So there we were two idiots with crummy equipment sleeping all day and writing songs all night. Two idiots became three, three became four and we held our first practice. None of us wanted to sing so we got the guy who sat in the chair upstairs to give it a go, And that worked out well! We played shows, and booked a few in our basement, because there we could be ourselves and encourage drunken antics without having to foot the bill of repairs and broken microphones. Those were some of the most maniacal drunken sets any of us have ever played! We recorded our first demo a while later in 2006 at Technical Ecstacy and it was well regarded by everyone we gave it too. A long time friend from Albany had just started a new label (LOUD PUNK RECS) and agreed to do our first record "Mr. Mess". 2006 Also saw a major lineup change where we recruited Chris Pesonen and Sean Bell, this line up proved to be key in which we worked our hardest and recorded the most output. Mr Mess went on to receive mostly great reviews. We also were supposed to have a split come out with local punks the Sirs but the label decided there was more pressing emotional hardcore music to be released and it fell through. 2008 Saw some more lineup shuffling as founding bassist Chris Pothier left to tour the world with his nineteen other bands. We landed Jon from The Jacks to take up the bass duties and entered the studio to record our swan song "Signs Of Hope". Shortly there after we gracefully committed career suicide on stage at a bar on Ave C and since than have maintained a heavily guarded hiatus.


released February 8, 2011



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